Meet the Growers

Husband and wife team Cian and Amanda Dalzell started Three Maples Market Garden in 2010 with a rented tiller and a lot of hard work. Hard work is still a part of the job, but they love it — and now they have their own tiller.

growers2smAmanda was raised in Berkshire County and graduated from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. She worked for the Environmental Working Group as a web media strategist before relocating to Vermont to apprentice at Boardman Hill Farm, where she worked for two seasons and learned more about growing vegetables than she ever thought possible. Amanda feels lucky to be Three Maples’ full-time farmer. She is also a writer, freelance web designer and online marketing strategist.

Cian was raised in Northern New Jersey. He earned a degree from UMASS Amherst and immediately went to work at Jug Bay Market Garden in Maryland. Since then he has apprenticed at Phillies Bridge Farm Project in the Hudson Valley and Boardman Hill Farm in Vermont. He has also been the produce buyer at a Vermont grocery co-op, so he understands produce from a variety of angles. On the occasion his hands are not in the soil, they’re likely holding a camera.